How Suspender Bar Works

Insulating Steel Building Roof Easily


Fiberglass insulation works by trapping dead (non moving) air in it’s small cells between fibers.  The more air trapped the better the insulating value.  Thus a thicker blanket of fiberglass insulation will keep your building cooler or warmer than a thinner one..

Suspender Bar is a support system that allows for a very thick blanket of insulation to be installed in the roof of a metal building without compressing (squashing) the fiberglass

The Process


The steel building is erected and he roof installed without insulation.

Thick fiberglass rolls are installed from the underside of the roof between each purlin.

Blankets of fiberglass with white facing are unrolled and pushed up into the cavity between the building purlins.

Suspender Bars are installed spanning purlin to purlin every 24 inches supporting the insulation blanket.

The unique spring clip of the Suspender Bar holds the bars snugly to the bottom flange of the steel purlin.

Tabs of white facing on the edges of the insulation rolls can be overlapped and taped or spray glued together, covering and hiding the steel purlin.


  • No compressed insulation
  • No special equipment required
  • No proprietary vapor retarder required.  Common metal building facings may be used at competitive prices
  • Installation from underside allows your building to be erected and dried in more quickly